Direct Search is discreet, professional reaching for the best Candidates in the desired industry.

Our methods are mainly based on Direct Search (DS), Executive Search, as well as standard methods of acquiring candidates. Direct Search is discreet, professional reaching for the best Candidates in the desired industry.

Most of our projects are conducted by Direct Search method. Thanks to this method, we are able to discreetly and confidentially reach the best candidates from a choosen industry. Together, we set up who we are looking for and describe the scope of search. Then our researchers and consultants do the rest of the work, the purpose of which is to provide our client with a short list of candidates meeting the pre-determined criteria.



Standard recruitment process



  • Creating a job description in cooperation with the client
  • Selecting the search area (setting the target group, industry, search location)



  • Direct Search
  • Conducting preliminary interviews and selection of candidates (telephone interviews, meetings with candidates, competence interview, , psychological and language tests)
  • Regular summary of the effects of previous work. The type of summary and its frequency is agreed with you at the beginning of the cooperation.
  • Presenting a short list of candidates with profiles describing the experience of professional competence, financial and non-financial requirements and motivation to change jobs.



  • Recruitment interviews with selected Candidates and a Client;
  • Support and consulting at the phase of final decision making for the Client and the Candidate;  (Support and help in the final decision making and arrangements between the Client and the Candidate; taking part in the final negotiations).
  • Final approval of the offer and hiring the Candidate.


Actions taken after closing the project

  • Presenting a report on the recruitment process containing information that may be useful in building your employer branding in the eyes of candidates.
  • Conducting Client's satisfaction survey - we always want to receive feedback on our service quality, we care abour constant development.
  • Gathering feedback from You and the new Employee as part of any support during the adaptation period.

Who we are?

Sales People – Is completely dedicated to meet your needs and provide best communication all the time.

Consultants – All the time they are trying to select better candidates for you and make a PERFECT MATCH!

Researchers – They are looking for the best candidates everywhere, they know the best secret services techniques

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